2008 Crime State Rankings: New Hampshire Best, Nevada Worst

New Hampshire was declared  the safest state in the  2008 edition of
Crime State Rankings by CQ Press.

Nevada was declared the most dangerous.

Best States  (Lowest crime)

New Hampshire
North Dakota,
South Dakota

Worst States  (Highest Crime)

New Mexico
South Carolina

New Hampshire was declared for the first time after 10 consecutive years of North Dakota being awarded the most safe.  Nevada has been the most dangerous for the last 5 years.  Safety is an important long term consideration to home values and migration patterns.  Retirees should consider crime stats when picking a best place to retire.

CQ publishes an an extensive analysis.  You can find out more at www.cqpress.com/reference.

Best and Worst Electricity Rates by State

Your electric bill is typically more than your gasoline bills. It can be even higher depending on the state you live.
The Energy Information Administration releases official energy statistics from the U.S. government.  Their site is www.eia.doe.gov.

Best States for Electricity (lowest rates)

1.  Idaho               7.3
2.  West Virginia    7.41
3.  Kentucky          7.82
3.  Washington      7.82
5.  Missouri           8.34

Worst States for Electricity  (highest rates)

50.  Hawaii            36.94
49.  Connecticut     20.24
48.  New York        19.42
47.  Rhode Island   18.13
46.  Massachusetts 17.85

Rates (cents per kilowatthour) were published in mid December 2008 and are residential rates for the month of September 2008.

The U.S. average is 11.94 up 9.1% from the previous year.

The Northeast has the highest rates.   If you are on a fixed income living, picking the best state to retire in can save a bundle.

South Florida Losing Population. Georgia and North Carolina are favorite destinations.

Florida”s Sun-Sentinel today reports that South Florida is shrinking.

The paper reports that Internal Revenue Service filings show 43,371 fewer people in Broward and 11,028 fewer people in Palm Beach County since 2005.  Birth rates are shrinking and school enrollment is down.  It appears that the population is shrinking on all fronts.  Working age people are finding wages low as compared to the cost of living. Retirees are finding real estate prices, property taxes and homeowners insurance.  Is the state losing its designation as a Best Place to retire.  For full Sun-Sentinel story go to:  www.sun-sentinel.com/services/newspaper/printedition/sunday/nationworld/sfl-flbpopulation0104sbjan04,0,735270.story.

The paper also reports the favorite out of state destinations that Broward and Palm Beach county residents relocate to.

Top destinations are 1. Georgia, 2. North Carolina and 3. Texas.  For all the details go to:


Best and Worst States to Retire

Well it used to be that the 2 best places to retire were Arizona and Florida.  It appears as a result of this latest real estate boom and bust that these 2 states while great for weather have started to drop in retirees eyes as attractive places to be.  Part of it is due to the run up in real estate prices that has literally made it unaffordable for many to buy and live on a fixed income.  Florida for example has seen the first shrinkage in its population in many years.  People are moving to other venues such as Tennessee, South Carolina, Georgia, North Carolina and other venues as the cost of housing is more affordable and the real estate taxes not as burdensome.  Arizona has also seen its run up in real estate that has made it more difficult to live comfortably there.  What are your thoughts?  What are the best places to retire today?  What are the worst?